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4th Dutch Soccer Youth Cup 24th – 26th May 2019


At 2018 we had 184 teams from 12 different countries, England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, China and the Netherlands.

This tournament will be held at 4 different sports facilities with a total of 18 soccer fields (grass and artificial).

Age Groups: The tournament is open to teams in the following age groups:

Each team can have only 3 players that are 1 year older than there group age look at the ages because its different than the UK.

U8 born after 1 – 1 2011   (7 v 7) 1x 20 minutes  
U9 born after 1 – 1 2010  (7 v 7) 1x 20 minutes     A and B Level groups
U10 born after 1 – 1 2009 (7 v 7) 1x 20 minutes    A and B Level groups
U11 born after 1 – 1 2008  (7 v 7) 1x 20 minutes   A and B Level groups

U12 born after 1 – 1 2007 (8 v 8) 1x 20 minutes    A and B Level groups
U13 born after 1 – 1 2006 (11 v 11) 1x 25 minutes A and B Level groups
U14 born after 1 – 1 2005 (11 v 11) 1x 25 minutes 
U15 born after 1 – 1 2004 (11 v 11) 1x 25 minutes 

U8 – U9 – U10 – U11 – U12  Half pitch

U13 – U14 – U15 normal pitch


All teams will play a minium of 6 games spread over Saturday and Sunday.

Trophy ‘s for the first three places

Each participating player will receive a memento of the tournament.

The matches are led by KNVB referees.

Teams can only register by the registration form on our homepage !

Teams can only take part at this tournament if they take our accommodation, you can see does at a other page by accommodation this homepage.

For questions about the prices of our accommodations  please contact us.

We can also arrange Airport and tournament transfers.

All information about tournament schedule is placed on this website 3 weeks before the tournament!

Dutch Mini Balls are also present with their Mini Soccer Balls at the opening and at one of the locations on saturday and sunday.

Tourist information:

This tournament is held in Capelle aan den IJssel and Rotterdam.

Capelle aan den IJssel, (66,992 inhabitants) often referred to as Capelle for short, is a town and municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland, located on the Hollandse IJssel.

Rotterdam (623,652 inhabitants) is a port city located in the west of the Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. The city is located on the Nieuwe Maas, one of the rivers in the delta that is formed by the Rhine and the Meuse. The port of Rotterdam, the largest in the world for a long time, is the largest and most important in Europe. Is also the city of 3 famous professional clubs Feyenoord, Excelsior and Sparta Rotterdam.