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Tournament Regulations

(1) Ages/ Match lenght

Group 1 U8 born in 2012 1x 20 minutes
Group 2 U9 born in 2011 1x 20 minutes
Group 3 U10 born in 2010 1x 20 minutes
Group 4 U11 born in 2009 1x 20 minutes
Group 5 U12 born in 2008 1x 20 minutes
Group 6 U13 born in 2007 1x 25 minutes
Group 7 U14 born in 2006 1x 25 minutes
Group 8 U15 born in 2005 1x 25 minutes
Group 9 U16 born in 2004 1x 25 minutes

Each team is allowed 3 dispensation players who may be a year older than the maximum age for his/her group ! !

Group 1 + 2 +3 + 4 (7 v 7) half pitch

Group 5  (8 v 8) half pitch

Group 6 + 7 +  8 + 9 (11 v 11) normal pitch

Number of players:
Group 1 – 4 minimum 10 players
Group 5 minimum 11 players
Group 6 – 8 minimum 14 players

Group 1 – 4 290 grams
Group 5 – 8 320 grams

(2) Points / Rankin

3 points for a win

1 point for a draw

0 points for a loss

If two teams are equal in points the ranking is decided as follows:

Goal difference

Number of scored goals

Result of the mutual game

Should neither of the above options give a solution then penalties will be taken. All finals who will end in a draw, will be decided by a penalty shoot-out. There will be no overtime played in the tournament.


(3) Meeting time

Teams are required to be present at the venue 30 minutes for the first game of there group where there match will be played, fully changed, and at least 5 minutes before the start of the game at the pitch. Teams not meeting to the fixed time for the game starts, without special reasons, loose the game 0-1 by walk-over. It is therefore very important that you check at the end of the first day where and at what time you play on the Sunday !

(4) Players equipment

If two teams are playing in the same coloured shirt, the home-team will have to change shirts. All teams are obliged to bring extra shirts with them

(5) Substitutions

In all groups, teams are allowed to make 5 substitutions. A player who has been substituted earlier in the game, is allowed to get back on the pitch on a later substitution (roll-on-subs).

(6) Player form and rules for the fields

Players need always to show his ID by the Tournament organization if they ask for it. If a player refuses to identify himself the player is expelled from the tournament.

If a player turns out to be older than the maximum age in his group (with exclusion of the dispensation players, see the bottom of this text) he will be expelled from the tournament and all the games played on that day will be brought back to a 0-1 loss for that team.

Each team is allowed 3 dispensation players who may be a year older than the maximum age for his/her group only not by U15/16 ! !

All Teams have to already be dressed to the sportsparcs, because we dont have enough dressingrooms for all the teams.

Only players and coaches may be on the pitch (So no parents or spectators in the stands or out of the field, but behind the fence)! ! ! The coaches are responsible for this.

Teams waiting outside the field before the previous match ended. The coaches are responsible for this.

The referees will not begin until everyone complies with this request. Happened not, the game will not be started and may take organizational measures against the offender (s).

(7) Cautions and dismissals

A player who is booked by the referee has to leave the pitch for a 5-minute penalty. The player may not be substituted. A player who is booked two times in one match is sent off for the remainder of that game. A player who is sent off with a direct red card, is sent off for the remainder of that game, and is suspended for the next game. If the organisation feels that the foul is more serious, a player can be suspended for more games.

If a game is abandoned, the following will happen:

The referee reports the reason for abandoning the game to the organisation.

In his report the referee will decide (together with the organisation) which team is guilty,

This team will lose that game with 0-3.

Should both teams be guilty than the game will end in 0-0 and both teams will have a point deducted.

A team, who makes itself guilty of collective misbehaviour. can be expelled from the tournament by the organisation. All the decisions made by (assistant)-referees and organisation are final. Protest can NOT be made.

(8) Alternate rules for small size pitches

Unlimited substitutions.

Goal kicks may be taken from any point inside the 8 meter penalty area. Goal kicks may be either taken from the ground OR out of the hands.

A backpass may be picked up by the goalkeeper.

The offside rule will NOT be active.

Corner kicks will be taken from the 4 meters from the corner flag but the referee will say where they much put the ball.

Penalties will be taken at 8 meters from the goal line

(9) U12 – U13 groups

All games will be played according to KNVB -regulations.

So short corners and goal kicks from the outside line of the box

(10) Publication of the result

Starting this year referees after the final whistle will ask both coaches to sign the match sheet for the correct result. 

This will help to prevent false scores. When a trainer refuses, on any ground, to sign, he automatically agrees with the result.
 If you nevertheless find an incorrect result on the website, we ask you to report this to the local tournament management.

On Saturday it is possible to correct wrong results until 7 pm, after which all published results are binding. All results and competition programs will be on our homepage www.dutchsocceryouthcup.com on our tournament App.

Official Complaints
It is not possible to submit verbal and / or written complaints against decisions taken. All decisions of the organization, (local) tournament management and referees are binding.

(11) Others

Each team is expected to arrive in sports clothing at the accommodation.

After the gamesplayers will be able to shower in a locker room. Please make sure that your players have the proper insurance both on and off the pitch. can not be held responsible for injuries, illness, theft or damaging of properties and or persons.

The Dutch Soccer Youth Cup / Dutch Soccer Tournaments is in no way responsible for financial damage that may have arisen due to war, strikes, roadblocks, other actions of the (local) authorities, and / or violent actions of persons or the weather wherethe tournament can not take place. Teams that booked accommodation by us will go to next year because the accommodation will not give a refund. 

If the tournament does not take place because of the above, all teams will continue to the following year.  And for tour operators, it can also be for other teams if that is the issu.

In extreme weather conditions where you can not play, or the fields will not be playable, the tournament will be partially or completely canceled. Damage as a result, can not be recovered from the Dutch Soccer Youth Cup / Dutch Soccer Tournaments organization.

Participathing players (or coaches) who where not able to get the medical insurance in Holland, must carry there own personal medical insurance.

Will everyone not to leave any valuable behind on the fields or dressingrooms. In case of severe weather conditions the Dutch Soccer Youth Cup or Dutch Soccer Tournaments can decide to postpone games or part of the tournament.

The Dutch Soccer Youth Cup or Dutch Soccer Tournaments can not be held responsible for any financial damage that teams suffer, as a result of this decision.

The Dutch Soccer Youth Cup or Dutch Soccer Tournaments is NOT responsible for the loss or theft of private items.

Violent conduct or vandalism will be reported to the local authorities. The organization will report physical violence or destruction of property to the police and will hold the responsible person(s) liable for any damage costs. If the person(s) responsible is a member of the team, the whole team will be expelled from the tournament. If the person(s) responsible is a parent or random spectator he or she will be removed from the venue and denied further access to the ground for the rest of the tournament.

All teams that participate can be photographed and placed on one of our websites. You have agreed to this through our registration form that you have read all regulations and have agreed to them.


We do not provide contact details of clubs or contact persons to third party that is in violation of privacy law !

Its Forbidden to bring food or drinks and alcoholic beverages to the grounds!! At the sports parks are not allowed Coolboxes and BBQ Teamsviolating this ruling shall be expelled from the tournament.

In all cases where this rules do not provide, the tournament committee will decide the Dutch Soccer Youth Cup ! ! !

Alcoholic beverages 18+ may not be served along the fields only for designated places

Beer is only served after 12:00 pm at saturday and sunday ! ! !

(11) Weather protocol:

In extreme weather conditions, where play cannot take place, or the fields will not be playable, the tournament will be partially or completely canceled.

Temporary interruption after the interruption continue with the tournament schedule.

Canceled Saturday on Sunday by age category at 1 tournament location via knockout system. schedule will then be announced on the homepage .

Sunday canceled position of Saturday and by number of points and goal difference. So  we know who 1st 1st 3rd is.

Pitches  are not playable, we continue on artificial grass and with only the foreign teams and guest clubs. Dutch teams are going home.

Canceled all day on Saturday and / or Sunday, the foreign teams will do other activities.

Only register by the registration form.

Teams from abroad can only book accommodation through the organization of the Dutch Soccer Youth Cup 

You can not arrange a accommodation by your self for this tournament, teams will get all the informatio nabout the accommodation 3 weeks before arriving..

If you cancel the tournament or less rooms/Accommodation you will lose the registration fee and the cost for does room (s) that you will canceld.

Teams that come with flights they can depature from Rotterdam at 19:30 pm so not from the Airport ! !

So you better can have the return flight at monday to home or afther 21:45 pm at sunday but if a lot of traffic will be there you cant make that flight at Sunday.